Due to the custom nature of custom invitations, pricing is not available online.  Pricing will depend on the number of invitations, paper stock, selection and number of inserts, type of invitation, printing, envelopes, sizes, etc.  No two custom invitations are the same, therefore no two are priced the same.  Contact me for a free 30 minute consultation to discuss what you’d like and pricing.

We’ll work with your budget and design to create your custom wedding invitation.

Printing can be done various ways.  The most versatile and widely used form of printing t0day is flat printing, also known as digital printing.  This is the preferred printing method for Vynuss Designs, as it allows for an unlimited use of colors and designs.

Vynuss Designs also offers raised printing, or thermography.  This form of printing uses a form of wet ink fused by heat with a resin powder to create a raised image.

Vynuss Designs uses several different paper suppliers so that there are numerous options for paper colors, thicknesses, finishes, prints, and textures to fit your needs.

Vynuss Designs accepts Cash, Credit Cards, and Paypal.  At least a 50% deposit is required before work begins.  Personal checks are accepted for deposits, but may delay delivery as the checks will need to clear before the final product is delivered.

For business consulting, invoice and payment will be completed per the contract and proposal terms.

Brides on a budget is one of the reasons Vynuss Designs started! If you have a budget, let’s discuss and see how we can work within your budget.

In the past, inner envelopes were used more commonly than they are today.  Pocket fold invitations are being used more frequently in place of inner envelopes today.  Unless specified, inner envelopes aren’t used.  They are available in select sizes and colors.

Addressed Envelopes are available at Vynuss Designs for an additional cost.

Addressed envelopes can be done, however they will be flat printed (digitally printed).  Thermography, or raised printing is not available for addressed envelopes. (Thermography is available for return addresses only)

Handwritten/Calligraphy is available for addressed envelopes and will require additional time as well as cost more than flat printed addressed envelopes.  (Based on availability and schedule)

Vynuss Designs can not be responsible for information incorrectly spelled that is sent to us, any redos will be charged accordingly.

We cannot stress this enough, “PLEASE PROOF!

We will proof and try to catch any errors, but the final proofing is your responsibility.  Vynuss Designs will send you a proof before going to print, and will not go to print production without hearing from you.  Once print production begins, we can not make changes.  Reprints can be very costly and will increase your time.  In some, if not all cases of reprints, paper stock will have to be reordered ($$), may need to be rushed ($$$), and reprinted ($$$$).  You will be charged for reprints.

We suggest proofing once, twice, and three times, as to avoid having to pay for reprints.