Vy Barto

Founder, Owner, & Designer

One of the first questions I always get is “So how do you pronounce Vy?”, “Is it short for anything?”  Vy pronounced “Vee”.  So, Vynuss is pronounced “Venus”.  My nickname since I was a little girl was Venus, but I liked using my name as a part of that nickname so Vynuss was born. Vy is my whole first name… it’s not short for anything.  It’s unique, but not so unique in Vietnam, as it’s a pretty common name there.

Vynuss Designs LLC, founded in 2011, is owned by Vy Barto. Vynuss Designs started out as a hobby job for Vy, but now has evolved to a sustaining business fueled by past customer referrals and legacy customers. Vynuss Designs’ scope of work covers all levels of the graphic arts from print work such as Save the Dates, Invitations, Stationery, Business Cards, Holiday and Special Event Cards, and Posters to design services such as Logo Design, Flyers, Social Media Marketing, to the Photography arts such as photography sessions, photo editing, creation of custom photo books, and the highly requested hand written calligraphy. All of Vynuss Designs services are customized and is a collaborative effort of the customer’s ideas and Vy’s expertise.

Vy Barto graduated from Old Dominion University Summa Cum Laude with a degree in Science in Business Administration with a concentration in Management. Vy started created wedding invitations and stationery for family and friends, and decided to start her business as her reputation grew and customer base expanded. Vy is an active photographer and designer, and is always looking to improve and learn new skills.